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Mommy shaming! How to ignore the people who keep shaming & comparing your motherhood with theirs?

There is no perfect motherhood recipe, period!

When I started looking out for help as a new mother, I found every mom has done a great job and I am the mom who doesn't have it figured out. I am sure a lot of new moms will be able to relate. You will hear your mother-in-law telling you how well she did as a mom and how you are doing it all wrong. You will hear your neighbours giving you suggestions on how you must have a certain routine for your kid. You will be judged at malls if your baby is having a meltdown. If by mistake your kiddo shows tantrums in front of relatives you will be blamed for your kid's attitude.

So how to stop caring about this?

No mom has it all figured out:

As I said no mom has it all figured out. They are pretending, so please don't buy the shame and comparison that they are trying to sell you. Know that it is ok to have it all messed up and wrong. You only learn by experiencing it.No one is a mom from the beginning we grow as a mother as our kids grow.

Take decisions with confidence:

No one knows it better than a mother, If your instinct tells you something follow it. Take your decisions without being afraid. People will try to decide for you but it is only you who has the right to decide things for your kids.

Learn for your kids:

Learn the right way to carry a kid, learn healthy recipes, and learn to take care of the kid when he is sick. Learn from parents' neighbours and youtube but don't leave things to others. Don't stand like a kid in a corner. Take the learning and apply it. As important as it is to believe in yourself it is equally important for you to learn from elders learn their remedies and take away for your child's good.

Learn to say No or ignore:

Differentiate between good and bad advice. It is your journey of motherhood so, you don't need to be like your mother-in-law, sister-in-law or anyone else. Ignore the taunts and banters thrown at you because who wants to waste time on useless comments while you have you are creating beautiful moments with your baby?

You will grow as a mom every day so leave the guilt in a corner and live your moments with your little one.

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