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Life beyond 30's, wait there is much more waiting for you!

Hello to all the women in their 30s or more. Like everyone else I was also made to believe that success ambition dreams and everything else lie on this side of the 30s and of course before the marriage and mom tag.

Every blog and video for motivation, success fashion or fitness always talks to people in their 20s. So eventually deep down in my heart, I started believing that now that I have crossed these standard milestones, I can not update

upgrade or be ambitious.

But thanks to the changing world where age is now just a number, I got so many examples to look at women who have made it big in their 30s and beyond. Women icons like Mary Kom, Falguni Nayar, Mina Bindra and many more.

These are the things every woman must do post the 30s

Get into a fitness routine: It's high time that we get back on track to good health. A proper nutrition and diet routine combined with a good workout can do wonders and help you feel better than you felt in your 20s.

Re-skill or upskill yourself. I could have written that every woman should start earning money but that's not feasible and not something important for all of us. So in order to have the capability to earn and make money at any point in life. Keep refreshing your skills from time to time and if not that, just get into easier earning options like social media etc.

Make some real friends. This is an age where you are no longer girls to just have fun but women who can stand behind you whenever needed. Treat relationships like gold as this is all that matters to be happy.

Time to experiment and explore. By this age, you are stronger and you no longer need to seek permission from others to do anything. So make a list of places you can travel to, new fashions you can try etc.

Stop Caring. All the log kya kahnege and the time when we could digest all the unnecessary tantrums from MIL, relatives etc. is over. It's time you refocus your lenses on the most important person on the earth and do everything to make her happy and that person is you.

You are responsible for your happiness. By this time we all know that no one else is responsible enough to make us happy all the time. It is you who got to take care of everything that makes you happy. Sometimes it's not the company of our life partners we crave but certain experiences like date nights, movies travelling etc.

So if this thing makes you happy go alone, and take a girlfriend alone. Don't wait for others to make it possible.

So next time anyone tells you that ab kya ab to age ho gai. Remind them of all the good things waiting ahead in their lives.

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