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10 Signs! How to know if you are having a boy?

Every mom-to-be secretly wants to know what the gender of their baby is. Gender prediction test is banned in India so there is no question of knowing it before the birth of your kid. Honestly, it doesn't and shouldn't even matter as long as you are having a healthy baby. As per a lot of old midwives' tales and rituals people try to guess the gender of your baby and that is fun. In this article, we will try to go through most of these sayings.

How to know if it is a bay boy or a girl?

When a sperm carrying the Y chromosomes fertilizes with the X chromosome it's a boy. Boys have the XY chromosome pair whereas girls have an XX chromosome pair.

Signs You’re Having a Boy

1. Morning sickness

It is said that if you have less morning sickness then you are having a boy. If you feel too sick in the mornings then you are having a girl. There is no supporting science behind this theory.

2. Belly shape

It is said that the shape of your belly is also suggested if you are carrying a boy or a girl. If you are carrying low, that means the bulge is on the lower side, you are having a boy. The science doesn't support this theory on the contract it can happen if you have diastasis recti.

3. Food cravings

Some say that based on if you are craving sweet or salty, the sex of the baby can be determined. It is said that if you want to eat more sweet things it's a girl and if you want salty it's a boy. More than anything else your cravings can tell you important information about your health. Craving salty foods mean that your body is in need of healthy fats and sweet means you need more iron and protein.

4. Always hungry

It is said that if you are too hungry all the time it is more likely that you are having a boy. Though it is not a sure sort of sign a study conducted on 244 pregnant women in the U.S. found that women carrying boys ate 10 per cent more than those carrying girls. But it is still not a sure-shot sign

5. Hair Volume

It is also said that if you have volume in your hair while pregnant it is most likely a boy but it can be sure due to increased intake of vitamins during pregnancy. The vitamins we take during pregnancy are rich in biotin and other nutrients which improve our hair quality.

6. Body/Feet temperature

Some say that if you often have cold feet while pregnant you are having a boy but it actually can mean poor circulation, neuropathy, hypothyroidism and anaemia. Or maybe you are at risk for gestational diabetes, so please monitor any signs of poor circulation to make sure you see your gynaecologist.

7. Urine colour

It is also believed that if you have Dark urine means you are pregnant with a baby boy. Urine can tell a lot about your health like if you are pregnant and it can tell you if you are dehydrated. Some believe that urine pH is a reliable predictor of a baby’s sex and that more alkaline urine means a baby boy.

8. Dry Dull Skin

Dry dull skin indicates you are having a girl, though it can not be an indicator of a baby’s gender at all. It can mean you are dehydrated or lack iron or some other nutrient in your body.

9. Linea nigra

If the line that has appeared on your stomach is crooked it means you are having a boy and vice versa. This isn’t a reliable sign you’re having a boy. Linea nigra is just one of many ways your skin is affected during pregnancy. This line is harmless and caused by the hormones that darken your areolas.

10. Heart rate

It is believed that if your heartbeat is low you are having a boy. This is not correct. A normal fetal heartbeat during pregnancy ranges from 120 to 160 bpm and heart rate varies from baby to baby.

Which of these signs are you having? Do let us know if you had fun reading this article.

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