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How To Have A Normal Delivery?

“Normal delivery“is the biggest goal of every mom to be but too difficult nowadays. The reason can be several fear and lack of knowledge, health conditions and the much-talked-about labour pain

Did you know that 1 out 5 Did you know that one in five pregnant women in India undergo C-sections even when they don’t medically need one?

What Influences The Tendency Of A Normal Delivery?

Every mom-to-be wants to know how to have a normal delivery. The more women are educated about the basic steps to normal delivery the better their chances of normal delivery is. These are not magical tips for having a normal delivery, but will significantly improve your chances.

  1. Good Health- A healthy body is the only guaranteed way to perfectly normal delivery and there is no alternative to it. For example. if one is suffering from hormonal or breathing disorders such as asthma, there are chances that it may aggravate during labour and reduce your chances of having a normal delivery.

  2. Perfect Body Weight- The first thing a doctor would ask you to fix when you are planning a baby is your weight. If you have an ideal weight you have better chances of having a normal delivery, as being overweight could increase the risk of having a heavier child and this can increase the pregnancy risks.

  3. Staying active and Yoga- Anyone who works out on a regular basis and remains active throughout their pregnancy is more likely to have a normal delivery. Proper yoga and meditation can keep the mind calm and positive.

  4. Your health Parameters- The ones with normal health parameters like normal blood pressure, sugar levels, and haemoglobin have a high chance of a normal delivery.

How to know if you are going to have a normal delivery?

Your body knows it all. It will start giving you signals as you approach the due date. Doctors suggest being very watchful and observing indicators of labor.. These symptoms may vary for every pregnant woman.

Signals Appearing Before Delivery:

  1. Lack of coordination in your body movements.

  2. You will constantly feel the urge to pee, as the baby is ready to come out.

  3. You will start feeling strong contractions. They are false contractions and a perfect sign to know that the due date is close.

  4. You will feel the strongest contraction when the due date is hours away.

  5. The most important signal is water breaking. It occurs minutes before the baby is about to come out.

Once your water breaks ask your partner or any family member to take you to your doctor.

There are some controllable actions that can increase the possibility of having a normal delivery.

  1. De-stress with Yoga: Pregnancy can very stressful due to hundreds of changes in our hormones and body conditions. There will be days when you will be low, stressed or even anxious. You can try meditation and Yoga to calm down your muscles and brain. Read books or listen to music that makes you feel comfortable.

  2. Stay away from unnecessary gossip or tough pregnancy stories: A lot of well-wishers somehow end up scaring you with sad or complicated pregnancy stories. Listening to negative stories will make you more stressed and nervous. Therefore, if someone is sharing complications of natural birth, stay away from such gossip. So just avoid such stories.

  3. Read books: Learn about labour pain symptoms and the natural delivery process. Skip asking these questions to every other person. Check out various blogs and articles about childbirth. Ask questions to yur doctor about natural delivery. Clear up all the doubts with your doctors. Ask elder women from your family about their experience. Follow breathing exercises to keep your mind relaxed.

  4. Keep your family and friends near: This is one of the most crucial times when you need a strong support system. The best person to take care of you at this phase can be your mother. Discuss the kind of support you expect from your husband. Keep in touch with your girl's gang and do go out to have a good time.

  5. Drink a lot of water: The human body is majorly made from water. Proper intake of water plays a vital role in the proper nourishment of your child. Therefore increase your water intake when you are pregnant. Other forms of liquids like fresh juices and healthy energy drinks to fulfil your daily fluid intake can also help.

  6. Research and pick your Doctor: A lot of doctors can suggest you opt out for Csec directly even when all your health parameters are normal. So make sure you discuss and go for multiple discussions before you make a decision.

These are certain tips for easy normal delivery to keep in mind. Now let’s move forward with other factors to consider.

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