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Dental Care During Pregnancy 2023

Dental care during pregnancy is one of the least addressed topics. Due to the physical and hormonal changes in our bodies during pregnancy, women are most like to experience dental or oral health issues. So it is advised to have a pre-check-up before you plan a baby. Research shows that bad oral health can lead to high blood pressure, premature deliveries and low infant weight during pregnancy.

Oral health is critical during pregnancy

The bacteria residing in your dental cavity directly impact the oral health of the newborn. So, if not taken care of properly tooth harming bacteria can be transferred to the newborn and can cause further teeth-related issues.

Dental issues during pregnancy

  • Gum diseases and loosening of teeth: A lot of pregnant women can develop gingivitis which is red, swollen gums and bleeding. Frequently eating sweet tooth can cause the accumulation of bacteria and tartar. Avoiding this can lead to the worst issues. It may also lead to the loosening of teeth. Research suggests that gum diseases (periodontal disease) in pregnant women are associated with an increased risk for preterm birth.

  • Dental cavities: Eating a lot of sugary and starchy food during pregnancy can increase the risk of decay. Pregnant women with a lot of cavities can transmit these bacteria to their newborns.

  • Dryness of mouth: Due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy. The condition reduces the cleansing action of saliva. This increases the likelihood of cavities and gum infections during pregnancy.

How to take care of teeth and gums during pregnancy?

It is always a great idea to have a healthy oral hygiene routine. But it is especially important to take care of your teeth during pregnancy.

  • Brush your teeth twice every day.

  • Rinse mouth twice with water after every meal.

  • Vomiting causes teeth erosion so immediately after vomiting, rinse the mouth with 1 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water. Schedule regular dental appointments every 6 months.

  • Reduce sugar consumption.

It is advisable to avoid any dental treatment during pregnancy as it can have an adverse effect. So it is always better to start taking care of f your oral hygiene before pregnancy.

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