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7 hacks for New Mom to have some Me Time| How to take out time when you are a mom?

My family, my kids, my husband come first and then it’s me! Right?

Did all of you say“ YES” in a chorus ? Then I might need to break it to you in a polite but unapologetic tone that “ NO”

They definitely are ones’ I love the most in the world, but there are times when I put myself ahead of all .It’s important to keep yourself sane.

Try to understand this” You can not pour from an empty cup”

So, all I wan to say is ” It’s alright to leave your baby for a while with anyone you can trust and have some time for your own.

You deserve some ” Me Time” After so many hours of sleepless nights, feeding and caring!

These are few things you can do:

  1. Use their Nap time for yourself: The only happy hour we get to ourselves as new moms is their NAP time. Make a list of the things you wanted to do and utilise this time when your baby is sleeping.

  2. Try getting earlier than your kid: I know it is little difficult if your baby keeps you awake at night. You can do it whenever you can. It will give you time to have your coffee when it’s actually hot (LOL). You can just relax and set a tone to a great day ahead.

  3. Draw out from chores your partner can do: Things like keeping clothes in the washing machine, arranging the sofa, keeping away the plates etc. are very simple chores and can be done by your partner or any one of your family members as well. So withdraw from such chores, it will give you some time for yourself.

  4. Batch meal plan, grocery list, online order etc : Try to get as much as possible done in one go. Start batching similar chores like making grocery list, meal plan or laundry, folding clothes etc.

  5. Take your baby along if you need some outing: Stop staying indoors forever. Try going out whenever possible. You may go on a coffee with another mom and take your babies along.

  6. Know what you really like doing/Have a me menu: Have an agenda or list of thing you love doing, food you love eating, people you love talking to, and hobbies at on place. As and when you get time, you should know what exactly you would like to do.

  7. Start small: Taking out time for yourself might seem extremely overwhelming when you have a baby. Start with the smallest possible thing you can do for yourself, even if it is for couple of minutes.

You can do a lot better if you feel happy and content. Taking even fifteen minutes everyday can be very helpful.

Hope you found this article helpful, I would love if you share your Me time rituals or challenges. Please show some love to my article by leaving a comment ,liking and sharing it.

Believe and good things will happen to you!

Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu!

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