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5 work from home jobs options for Stay at home mother or parents:

Life changes a lot after becoming a mother. Your child becomes your first priority.

You may or may not have someone to support your kid while you are at work. Some moms are able to find a day care they can trust and some are not able to trust any.

I remember, scrolling through google pages every day to find out, work form or stay at home job options for moms.

You may decide to continue your full time job or may take a decision to become a stay at home mom. Both the decisions are correct and I feel you.

However, I realised that financial Independence is required to keep your head held high (I am not judging any one here).

It doesn’t matter if you have worked in past or not, what matters is your willingness to work.

You can earn well, if you are ready to learn what it takes to reach there

I have researched a few job categories that can help you earn as well as allow you to stay at home with your baby.

1.Yoga Trainer– You may have noticed how people have started becoming more inclined towards Yoga nowadays. If you browse through your neighborhood, you will find people who want to get trained in Yoga but are not able to go far due to lack of time or may be because they have a job. You may start yoga training classes at your home and earn decent.

How to get the Certification? There are free government yoga tutorials available in city. You might need to pay for the certification. I am providing you two links which might be helpful for you.

Centers for yoga:


2. Create your own E learning/ Online tutorials in your area of expertise– If you are someone who has worked in past then you can create your own tutorials for different skills like MS Office, knitting, singing, yoga or anything that you can teach.

How to create online courses? There are different platform like Coursera, Udemy, YouTube where you can become online teachers. All you have to do is search for the term ” How to create tutorials on Udemy / Coursera?” or How to upload video on you tube?” on google or YouTube and you will be flooded with free lessons.

How to create courses on Udemy?

3. Create videos on You Tube: You can create videos on YouTube, for anything that you know. I have seen videos on wide range of topics like knitting, stitching, gardening, cooking, singing, dancing and many more doing well. Record your video and upload.

How to create and upload video? It is an easy task and the best thing is the content matters more than anything else. If your content is original, you can earn well.


4. Start Home tutorials: The classic and the best way to earn while you are staying at home is giving tutions. There is no family who doesn’t need tutors but like other field, this also needs you to brush up your skills. Refresh yourself and do your homework before you get in this business started

How to get started? There are different consultants who can help you getting tutions but to start a coaching at home, try promoting by getting a board done. Try distributing pamphlet to nearby shops, grocery stores etc.

5. You can sell online: If you are creative, you like painting, handicraft, make dresses, you can sell them online too. Companies like amazon, Paytm etc. can sell your products. All you have to do is become a Merchant and get registered with them

How to start? It’s normally a simple process and you can get yourself registered with them easily. Here is a tutorial that can help you.


Which your favourite idea amongst these?

Please show some love for my blog. It will not only make my day but my entire year. Leave your comments, like ,follow and share with everyone who needs to read this.

Believe and good things will happen to you!

Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu!

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