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5 things successful women invest time and money in

I have always enjoyed giving gifts, shopping and spending money on things I considered important.

But when I started studying life of great women, who have been where I want to be, I realized how much have I neglected the important aspects of life.

We all plan parties, vacations, trips, careers but we forget what really matters the most that is “us”

These are few things successful women invest their time and money in:

Good Health

They know that a healthy body is very important to be successful. They invest time and money in exercising, meditating and keeping themselves fit. They all have at least one way to maintain their physical and mental health.


They live their life with intention. They know what steps can take them near their goals. They have an important to do list for day to day. They know what their goals are and what steps they need to take to reach there.


They know that family is important. They work on their relationships. They priorities family time and make sure they give equal attention to all their relationships. They can easily balance between career and personal life

Dressing for who they want to be:

They know the importance of dressing for success. They dress their role. This makes them confident and ready for any situation to come.

Learning and reading:

They know the importance of learning and reading. They work to upgrade their skills. They always have a list of to read books. They know that books are the best teachers.

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Believe and good things will happen to you!

Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu!

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