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20 must-haves for an infant born in 2023/Must-buy for feeding babies

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

This is a phase of a lot of learning, right from how to feed your baby to how to bathe them, feels like a huge task. Life at this time is full of small decisions to take every moment and on top of that there's is never enough sleep. So where is the time to research for small but important things kike which formula to use, what clothes to

buy, which is the most comfortable stroller etc.

So here we are attempting to make your crucial decisions easier to make.

1. Feeding bibs/burping clothes

Feeding a newborn is m messy process, they will spill out and spoil their face and clothes every time you feed them. It is practically not possible to Run and find a cloth for each time they spill. So it is essential to place a bob and keep some burp clothes handy when you feed them.

Our recommendation:

2. Breast Pump

Pumpin your BM is helpful as it allows you to sleep at night and your partner or parents can easily feed the BM to your kid. It becomes even more important if you are a working mom and are going back to work, you can pump out milk and then store it to be fed later.

Our recommendation:

3. Feeding Bottle

If you are providing top feed then a better quality feeding bottle set means at least 2 bottles are a must. It can help you in alternating them, you can use one while the

other is being sterilised.

Our recommendation:

4. Bottlebrush

We remember to buy bottles but forget one of the most important things which is a bottle-cleaning brush. So this is a must if you are buying a bottle.

Our recommendation:

5. Formula milk

If you are top feeding then you must find out the best top-feed formula milk for your infant. You must go with the paediatrician's recommendations but here are a few good options for you.

Our recommendation:

6. Bottle sterilizer

Sterilizing the feed bottles after every feed is tedious, but thankfully we have sterilizers in the market now. It is easy and you can operate it from the convenience of your bedside.

7. Bottle Warmer

There are times when you are too tired to get up and warm the milk. These bottle warmers come in handy. It is portable in nature so you can take it along while travelling

Our recommendation:

8. Pacifier

Pacifier is a great way to sloth your colic infant. You as a new mom already have too much to handle so this can be useful. According to research, these pacifiers makes baby feel safer and calmer.

9. Hot water bottle

Hot thermal bottles have a never-ending relationship with moms. So it is not a purchase but an investment. You can quickly make a bottle of milk or use it for baby wiping etc

Our recommendation:


10. Diapers

You must enjoy the comfort that comes to new moms with diapers. There are different sizes and are comfortable;e enough for babies to sleep in them.

Our recommendation:

11. Wet wipes

The wipes come in really handy to clean them after the potty or even wipe their sticky face. So always keep them handy wherever you go.

Our recommendation:

12. Bed for kids

Kids should have these small beds where they can sleep comfortably, try to buy 4/5 of them as they might get wet

Our recommendation:


13. Kids' blanket

These little babies need blankets suitable to their bodies so it is a must-have.

Our recommendation:

14. Cloth nappies

You can not keep your, infants in diapers all the time. Let them enjoy some free time. At that time you can use soft cloth nappies

Our recommendation:

15. Onesies

Onesies are the best clothes suitable for infants as they cover them completely. These are a few of our choices

Our recommendation:

16. Baby oil

Gentle massage to babies can do the magic. So make a point to massage your infant every day before the bath.

Our recommendation:

17. Baby wash

A chemical-free mild baby wash is a must-have to clean up your baby.

Our recommendation:

18. Bathtub

A bathtub to bathe your baby is helpful. Holding your baby while bathing is not a great idea so use a tub.

Our recommendation:

19. Stroller

A stroller to take your baby for a stroll and travel hand-free is one thing you can swear by.

Our recommendation:

20. Swaddle clothes

Swaddling your infant makes them feel safe and helps them sleep well. So it is a great purchase.

Our recommendation:

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