About The Womum

Celebrating the existence of every woman across the globe!

The Womum allows you to present your creativity & tell us stories that would reach an audience with similar interests. If you have an interest in reading or learning things we have several articles on our blog section that can help you tremendously. We help women in standing for what they truly deserve. We encourage them to bring their thoughts to the table boldly and unapologetically through content.

If you are an Influencer, then you can be part of several ongoing collaborations and earn money. The Womum will also allow you to network with the best in the field and will help you reach out to the brands. If you are a Brand, we have several strategies to help your services or products to reach out to the right consumers. Our extended family of about 100k followers across the platforms can help the purpose. We understand the value of recognising and appreciating the hard work you put in. We have a Yearly Award where we recognise the women and their contributions.
The womum is here to support women on their journey to self-development, success and growth.


Meet The Founder

My name is Preeti Kashyap. My passion to help women across the globe to live the life of their dreams and helping them in becoming independent financially, emotionally and creatively bring me here.

I am here to pave out a smoother road for women on their journey to growth and success and I strongly believe in pushing the boundaries the world has set for us and pushing them harder every day.

I am a mom to 3 years old angel. I have 10 plus years of corporate experience. I am an extroverted introvert who loves interacting with a selected bunch of people. I love travelling and am crazy about beaches. I can binge-watch Self-Development videos for hours.