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She is one doting mom, a caring wife, and a gorgeous blogger who shares her best practices with the new moms, has an impeccable dressing sense and taste for makeup.

About me – A full time marketing and social media professional and ex entrepreneur. Mom to almost 5 yr old Kenisha and 2 fur babies, wife to a pro Triathlete. I started blogging to share my life experience and learning with fellow women in a hope to create a community of like minded women.

Tell us one aspect of @karunsasud that we have not read or heard online?

From the inception of my Instagram Page I have been very unequivocal about my life to my readers. I try to be myself – honest about my strengths and weaknesses and I encourage others to do the same. I always felt that being honest and real is what helped me connect with fellow women and moms as they could relate to a working woman, an entrepreneur, a new mom struggling to raise a child in a nuclear setup and someone who was then trying to get back to her career goals. I guess I don’t have any star secrets to reveal! 😊

What helps you in remaining so cheerful and maintaining the balance between work and home?

I am not always cheerful but yes, I try and keep a positive attitude even during trying and testing times. I believe we always have a choice on how we wish to deal with situations and I try and smile and get through it! Work life balance isn’t easy because it always comes down to prioritizing one over the other on most days. So that’s the balancing act. Some days am working more and some days am spending more time with my family. It helps me give both the aspects my dedicated and devoted time.

What is your biggest achievement?

To convert my passion into a full-fledged business!! I started India’s first online craft store www.lulupu.com in 2012 and once it picked up left my high paying corporate job in 2013.

I and ran my venture for 5 years till 2017 May. I was featured By Economic Times, Hindustan Times and many more publications for my achievements

One statement for fellow moms and mom bloggers.

Be the girl you want your daughter to be and your son to date. Be smart, be classy, be honest and most importantly be nice! And remember that social media should be a part of your life, not your life. Give equal importance to cultivate relationships offline.

Last but not least, Can women have it all?

IT depends on what “All” means to you? Anyone can have it all or have nothing! When we say Women have it, it actually means they now have equal opportunities and access. So let’s says we can have everything if we work for it. I believe its important to feel contented than having it all



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