Womum_who is making a difference-Harpreet Suri

Success lies at the end where fear ends.

Holds so true for our gorgeous @womum “ Harpreet Suri”. She left her budding career at the corporate to chase her dreams.

Harpreet thank you for taking that brave step and giving us @momwearsprada- a go to stop for all mommies.

A mommy to two adorable kids, a fashion icon, awarded with “The 50 Most Influential Women of the World Award*. featured on famous platforms like Social Samosa”, associated with so many trusted brands..an amazing wife and much more…

She believes in supporting fellow moms with honest and real reviews and is a firm believer of family comes first.

This her advice for fellow moms and aspiring bloggers

Harpreet .
.➡️What is your Strength?

Being absolutely myself is essential in this field and I aim to do so by creating content that expresses my own individualistic style. If you click on my stories, you will see that i won’t shy away from sharing my ups and downs on any given day making my feed completely genuine. I just like to keep it as authentic as possible! You get an inside look at my day-to-day OOTDs, the work I am doing, campaigns I am a part of, BTS into the life of an influencer.
➡️ Your message to Women and moms?
I started @momwearsprada coz I wanted to share with other moms how to enjoy life after being married and after having kids. I tell this to everyone to be present in the moment. Not to worry if the house isn’t clean or dinner isn’t cooked on time just be present in the moment because time flies and you can’t get back the precious time lost with your kids.
. ➡️Your biggest achievement?
When my followers write to me sharing their happiness, joys and sorrows with me, it means the world to me. I am so grateful that people connect with me at such a deeper level.

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