What is the real reason behind ever hyped Saas bahu drama?

I am a typical middle-class homemaker, who has grown in a family where Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi was a hit. The house where we cried every time Mihir died and our hearts skipped a beat when Parvati ka diya was blown off by air.

In short, I have grasped everything that was sold about the regular Sass Bhau Drama

I have educated myself over years and exposure to knowledge has made me a definitely thoughtful person.The judgements as bahu is something no woman (considering the majority) can skip.

This is a relationship which can never be perfect no matter how hard you try ! Or wait should I say no relationship can be perfect., yes that is the catch. 

This over-hyped drama has been named saas-bahu, but there are similar over even more severe conflicts between brothers, between a boss and a colleague..and much more. The point I am trying to make here is we have been sold this concept of Saas Bahu ESSENTIAL hatred or drama that we have bought and are blindly renewing from generation to generation.

What I have noticed:

This hate culture has been intentionally inoculated in a woman since ages. We are made to believe that no matter what you can never get a good saas or bahu. The solution lies in simplifying this relationship. 

A saas is a mother to your husband. That is no Janam Janam ka bandhan you need to be super sensitive about.I am definitely not talking about the extreme situation where assaults or tortures are done

Why the hell are girls taught to show their best roop to their sasu ma. So the definition of a good bahu is a typical prototype if you don’t fit in, people have an issue.But you know what you must take up your space and just be. Wear what you like and be who you are. In return take the responsibility of the two old souls staying with you. Give them respect.

Why are both of us trying to impress that one man of the house? Why is He supposed to take sides and why am I supposed to feel elated if he takes my side.

You can be a saas or bahu reading this article let me tell you .this very spicy saas bahu drama has been sold to us by the entertainment or the patriarchy system.So Just chill and be the normal self like you are in any other relationship.

So what I wanted to say is. This relationship is as good or bad as other relationship equation of the world.

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