What is the meaning of freedom for women in India?

What is the meaning of freedom to me? I don’t think I have asked this question enough to myself!

I am not ashamed to admit that till a few years ago my thought about my freedom wasn’t as broad as it is today.

I too felt lucky about being brought up in a family and being married in a family who gave me enough freedom.

But as I became a mother, as I read more and as I realised my real passion. I evolved and so did my perception about my freedom.

The first dialogue that crossed my mind was “ Excuse me, who are you to give me  MY FREEDOM”, isn’t that mine already.

I realised there is a long way to go. But I am taking my first step by addressing these issues.

So here are 5 things I would want every womum to feel free about:

Freedom to decide for ourselves

We should be the ones deciding the right age of marriage, having a baby and who we are spending our lives with. We should have the right to make decisions right or wrong, doesn’t matter they should be ours.

Freedom from fear

We want to be free from the fear of walking alone on the road, fear of travelling alone. Fear that we are not safe on the roads of such an amazing country.

Freedom to be ourselves

Freedom to be who we are and not a prototype of who society wants or decides us to be. I want freedom to wear a saree or a skirt. I want freedom to love cooking or not, freedom to make my roti round or square.

Freedom to finances

I want opportunities for us to be financially independent. I expect offices to understand the requirement of a new mom returning to work and not shame her. I want freedom from the bullshit that men are more talented than women.

Freedom to have independent dreams

Freedom from the thought that being a mom, wife and daughter is my only identity. I may have a dream and aspiration that may or may not align with the dream of my family and that is alright.

Freedom from judgement

The shape of my body, the shape of my roti doesn’t decide my talent. I want freedom from people who judge me for the clothes I wear. I am behanjee if I wear a saree and shameless if I wear skirts. I want freedom from people judging my capabilities as a mom.

Freedom from my own limiting beliefs

Last but not the least I want freedom from my mindset which tells me I can not have aspirations if I am married, I can take time off if I am a mom. I can not travel if my spouse doesn’t like travelling.

Yeah! So my message to you all “ My identity is way more than my clothes, my weight, the shape of my roti. I am an individual with a brain, heart and emotions & most of all Intelligence. I am here to claim all that is mine” 

Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind

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