What is Self-Image and why is it important?

We are so busy caring about what others think about us, that we forget to re learn who we actually are.

Self-Image is who you think you are. It consists of believes that we have about ourselves.

“Self believe is important because, we have a tendency to behave in alliance to who we think we are”

It means, if you believe you are lazy, you will behave as a lazy person. If you believe that you are a good cook, you will become one.

Similarly if you have an image of a person who cannot work out, you never will, if your self-image is of someone who never get up early, you never will.

So, all I am trying to say is It’s important to improve our self-image in order to be successful

These are few things I did to improve my self-image.

  1. Positive Self Talk: There have been several incidences in past where I scolded I myself, beat myself up for small things or mistakes I made. I was ignorant and did not know the importance of treating yourself well. How do you treat people you love, when they make mistakes? I am sure you encourage them, cheer them up by why does that change when we make mistakes. Stop scolding you self, talk to yourself well. Literally talk to your self say positive things, it makes a huge difference. This includes taking care of yourself, dressing well, everything that makes us feel loved and energized.
  2. Watch yourself when you say something about yourself: If you want to be successful be cautious about what you say about yourself at work or even to your people. You may feel bad, but many times we create negative image for ourselves. Remember that you are listening and believing what you speak. Stop saying things like “I am a loser or I am a slow learner at work, I am fat while getting ready for any party or when someone compliments you, stop saying that I am lazy when you aim to lose weight etc. Basically stop saying anything that creates a negative perception about you.
  3. Safeguard yourself from other’s negative comments:  By this I don’t mean you have to fight or run away from the place. It means you must either counter comment something positively, make it light. There will be situations where you will not be able to get back to that person, at that moment you must have a counter dialogue in your mind say a positive thing about the same situation. Hold your calm, don’t react. Hold a smile which says how you feel about it and change the topic if possible.
  4. Journal: This is an exercise to help yourself get out of the negative state of mind. Sometime we are very disappointed or stressed to handle the situation and feel like everything about us is negative. Keep a small notebook where you can vent out everything negative you are feeling and once you are done. Write 5 things which you appreciate about yourself.

Tell me one thing that you are going to take away from this article.

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Believe and good things will happen to you!

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