Tips for new Working Moms

Look For a Support in Family

Look for support in family. Yes, this is the time when you need your family the most. You can call in your mom or mom in law for support. This might sound difficult but honestly you would need their support only for a few years till your kid can start going to school post that it would be a lot more easier to manage

Stay away from Guilt

Feeling guilty about following your ambition is not a good thing. Young kids are too little to understand who is taking care of them or mind their mom going to work. They just need some caring hands. Its just a matter of few years and then your kid will be grown enough to understand things.

Plan Every Day

Planning is everything. Plan your meals, plan your kid time, plan your office work . Plan your leaves. Planning is the most important of all the points I am going to talk about. So just take up a pen and papaer and make a plan or a to do list.

It is alright to Say No

Now that you are a mom with limited time at hands. Choose to say NO to everything which is non essential. No to office outings for a while, No to over time, No to working at home, No to doing unnecessary chore at home. When you say No to these non essentials, you are saying Yes to to baby.

It’s time to slow down

You are an intelligent and smart women and that is why you are here n your career life. But hey! not everytime is the time to fouc on career. Slow down. Let others take away the Best employee award.. Let other work day and night. You must be with your kid right now. You will get back all this later. Tryst me!

Pooja or Meditation

In spite of reading hundreds of articles, its never gonna be perfect. You will have imperfect day where you will end up feeling tired and exhausted. Pooja and mediation is god for your mental strength and wellness. So go for it.

We hope that you liked these tips. Do share your suggestions and experiences by commenting below.

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