Stop Mom shaming and judging my parenting skills !

Hey everyone, I mean everyone, who has judged me as a mom.

This is a letter to you thinks I am mean as I went back to work after baby, think that I don’t love my bay as I have a cook,  I am a bad mom if my child behaves badly.

I did notice you weird look .Normally It would have not affected me but, enough is enough!

Today, I am making it a point to reply, on behalf every mom who has been through MOM Shaming.

Here are few things that I am done being judged for:

When you judge me about working: Yes I did decide to carry on with my work and have a career .This is my decision and that’s none of your concern. No, I have not missed any of my baby’s special moments, because I ensure “I am totally around when I am around” I am happy so I make a happier baby.

When you judge me on my weight or body: Yes I have put on few pounds, but I don’t need your suggestion. This body has expanded in order to give birth to a living miracle and could not be prouder. I am aware and care about my good health and for me that is enough.

When   you judge my parenting ability: I have a simple statement for you, I am her mother and I know what’s best for her. Stop judging me on your scale, as I don’t care what you think. I am more busy and concerned in taking care of the things that matters for her.

How me and my house looks sometime:  I have a little one who I put ahead of myself. For me my baby’s playtime matters more than and arranged room. For me spending time with her matters more than spending on myself. Being a mom sometime means crushed clothes, no makeup and flats. I am happier than I have ever been.

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What is Self-Image and why is it important?

We are so busy caring about what others think about us, that we forget to re learn who we actually are.

Self-Image is who you think you are. It consists of believes that we have about ourselves.

“Self believe is important because, we have a tendency to behave in alliance to who we think we are”

It means, if you believe you are lazy, you will behave as a lazy person. If you believe that you are a good cook, you will become one.

Similarly if you have an image of a person who cannot work out, you never will, if your self-image is of someone who never get up early, you never will.

So, all I am trying to say is It’s important to improve our self-image in order to be successful

These are few things I did to improve my self-image.

  1. Positive Self Talk: There have been several incidences in past where I scolded I myself, beat myself up for small things or mistakes I made. I was ignorant and did not know the importance of treating yourself well. How do you treat people you love, when they make mistakes? I am sure you encourage them, cheer them up by why does that change when we make mistakes. Stop scolding you self, talk to yourself well. Literally talk to your self say positive things, it makes a huge difference. This includes taking care of yourself, dressing well, everything that makes us feel loved and energized.
  2. Watch yourself when you say something about yourself: If you want to be successful be cautious about what you say about yourself at work or even to your people. You may feel bad, but many times we create negative image for ourselves. Remember that you are listening and believing what you speak. Stop saying things like “I am a loser or I am a slow learner at work, I am fat while getting ready for any party or when someone compliments you, stop saying that I am lazy when you aim to lose weight etc. Basically stop saying anything that creates a negative perception about you.
  3. Safeguard yourself from other’s negative comments:  By this I don’t mean you have to fight or run away from the place. It means you must either counter comment something positively, make it light. There will be situations where you will not be able to get back to that person, at that moment you must have a counter dialogue in your mind say a positive thing about the same situation. Hold your calm, don’t react. Hold a smile which says how you feel about it and change the topic if possible.
  4. Journal: This is an exercise to help yourself get out of the negative state of mind. Sometime we are very disappointed or stressed to handle the situation and feel like everything about us is negative. Keep a small notebook where you can vent out everything negative you are feeling and once you are done. Write 5 things which you appreciate about yourself.

Tell me one thing that you are going to take away from this article.

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How to practice art of not giving a damn at every small thing in life?

Did you feel bad when no one complimented you? You felt sad when your colleagues did not invite you for a lunch? Did you feel heart broken when some family member made a comment? Or you heard from someone that a relative bad mouthed about you?

Or have you been thinking too long about an argument with a collegues for too long, feeling, bad, low ,angry and most of all thinking that it was all your fault.

If your answer to all these is a yes, then you are not alone. It has been pretty much what I have been doing in my life.

It’s not your fault but it’s a normal behavior of empaths or people who we believe are very emotional.

As you grow in life, you learn so much and so did I.

I was giving too much energy to these things and hence was not able to focus on things which really matter.

So I have programmed this cope up mechanism for myself and it seems to be working wonders for me.

I realized how much negativity I was bringing to my life by focusing on perception, believes or behaviors others had for me.

  • I started focusing on my goal: It is important to save your energy for your goal, whether it’s a career goal, personal goal, body goal, financial goal or anything at all. You need to focus on it. Plan things you need to do to reach that goal. It’s important to know where you want to take your life and what be the better version of you. Plan, journal and find out what are the things you can do to make yourself a better mom, business woman, artist or whatever you want
  • I started asking myself if that event is worth my attention: Every small family drama, relatives badmouthing, collegues judging, neighbors gossiping can all be categorized here. Anything that doesn’t bring you closer to your goal, closer to becoming a better you is not worth your attention. This question actually stops me form snapping or getting back at people which I may regret later. Sometimes we don’t even realise but answering back is not required.
  • If it your close people or relative hurt you intentionally or unintentionally, try to understand their basic intention behind that behavior. If they are your parents, siblings or spouse, you must know they love you. Period. If it is someone trying to put you down,  repeat this mantra” OOm Ignoraya Namah” Do .Before you reply back think they either are in a lower level of awareness or sanity that you are in and you certainly don’t need to lower down yourself to a level of ignorance. Ask yourself would you like to get involved in a fight with someone with lower education, awareness or sanity?
  • I understood that like I was not born to please everyone, they weren’t either. If somebody is not being nice to you, you don’t need to fight them back as they don’t ow anything to you. Ignore them and move on. Expect the least out of people. If you want to expect, expect it from yourself, your people. Your friends, neighbors or any one the in a public ride don’t matter to you, so why should their rude behavior matter? If someone doesn’t like you, it’s ok. You don’t need their liking to live.
  • I stopped thinking about what perceptions people have about me at my back. Earlier I would be keen to know and later be feeling upset about it. Honestly I don’t care any longer as I know myself better than anyone else and their perceptions don’t define me. Being upset about some mean and rude person’s comment simply means taking on the negativity on yourself. By doing this, you are doing exactly what they expected and wanted you to do that is be sad. Cheer up and shoe that happy face again.
  • Focus your energy on people and things you love: Every time I feel low, disappointed like that, I just go and hug my daughter. She reminds me what really matters. So when ever this happens I prefer having a great time with family wither by having a nice dinner or decorating and cozying up my room and house. Lighting candle, praying and watching Hall mark movies.

I am at utmost peaceful mindset in my life. I am happy with what I have achieved.

Do you feel sad or disturbed with other’s behaviour too? How do you cope up with that?

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5 things that can make you a happier homemaker/wife/housewife:

I have been in role of a home maker and now a working mom. Both have challenges of their own. No one needs to be in other’s shoes.

It’s worth less to compare mangoes to apples.

You are successful, amazing, smart and beautiful in your own unique way.

These are few things that worked for me:

  • Know that you have the right over finances of your home: I have stayed at home for several months without a job and realised that it is important to have right to finances at your home. You do not need to believe that you are dependent. Remember, whatever the source of money is, you have complete right on it. So next time you ask for money, let go off your guilt or anger about it. You are doing enough of your share at home. There is nothing more meaningful than nurturing and taking care of your home.
  • Stay above the drama: Chose to ignore/ avoid or stop reacting to behaviors that hurt you. Stop being hurt. Ask yourself if that is worth your attention? Is that making your life any better? If your answer is No, please distance yourself from this situation. Remember that a person trying to hurt you, bad mouth about you is insecure and wants to make you feel bad. Feel sorry for them and move on. I know it’s easy to say but practice will help. Divert your attention from petty things and focus to things that can make your life better like focus on making your room look better, learn something that you wanted, dance , sing or anything.
  • Respect other women: I have seen best of people making comment on others looks, character and dressing. Please know, it’s easy to teach your brain to make fun of people, judge them, but doesn’t that hurt your real self, who is kinder, calmer and has a real beautiful character. Stand by integrity, if you have a real problem, go talk but avoid bad mouthing. Compliment and support other women, congratulate and learn from their success. Remember “Empowered women, empower women.
  • Enjoy your own company: I love my husband a lot and I did realize that I always needed him around, to go out with, to compliment, to complaining and everything else. Learn to create your own little support system, have few friends and if you don’t have many like me, learn to enjoy things alone as well. Go shop, eat out, go for a movie. Try these things and let me know how your experience was?
  • Live in Now:  This something I learned very late in my life. Having a vison for future is important but worrying about future or dwelling in past won’t help. Forgive, forget things that happened or may happen, enjoy the present. For example, forget the fight you had yesterday and move on. Don’t spoil the beauty of today for tomorrow.
  • Practice your passion:  My experience as a homemaker, taught me that the only way to be happy is to practice your passion. Find out what you love, it can be anything like writing, singing, painting, designing and practice it at least an hour a day. If you can’t go it, find courses online, on YouTube. Do it for nothing but love. Don’t pressurize yourself with an intention of earning money, do it for fun. It will help you boost your confidence and make you a happier person.
  • Bonus:  Dress up every day, it make a huge difference in the way you fell about yourself and your confidence level. Don’t stop shopping as you don’t go out much. Take care of yourself, pamper yourself at home or parlor. Exercise and meditate, these habits have proven affects not only on our body but on our mood and happiness level.

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Stepping Into Mommy Shoes: Daddy’s Day With Baby

This week was extremely tough, I looked at Abhi, my husband, who definitely loves our daughter a lot but when it comes to taking care of her for an entire day, he is not very confident. I told him I was tired and needed a day off with my friends, and he looked at me with a blank expression.

“You are taking care of the baby today (I made it sound like a decision)”, I said pretending to be confident and handing him the Baby Dove Baby Wipes. “Here, it’s the first weapon you would need in the day, rest I trust you will figure out.”

I am not sure what was going through his mind. He said ‘Yes’ in a tone which sounded more like a ‘No’ but I didn’t seem to care this time.

How to become a better decision maker?

Do you rely on your family members to order for you when out for dinner? Do you feel stuck while deciding which dress to buy? Do you depend on your partner to make all major and minor financial decisions for you? If your answer to any of these questions is Yes then this is the article for you.

Decision making is a power that comes with responsibility. If you notice the decisions makers a normally associated with Power and Success.

I was no different a few years ago but I started taking small steps towards gaining confidence to make bigger decisions for life.

It worked for me , I am sure it will help you as well:

Start deciding the food to order or the menu for dinner & Pick up the best dress for yourself.

Have opinions. Know that it is ok to have your own opinion about any thing.Feel free to express it with dignity and grace.

Get into habit of Researching about the subject before taking a decision.

Strengthen your confidence to make better decisions

. Lack of confidence leads to dependence on other for decision making

Learn to enjoy things alone.Go out to movies, shopping or travelling alone .Your life should not depend on anyone else’s company

You are the Queen of your house and crown comes with the responsibility of decisions.

Your life is the reflections of decisions you make .

How are you at decision making?

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5 work from home jobs options for Stay at home mother or parents:

Life changes a lot after becoming a mother. Your child becomes your first priority.

You may or may not have someone to support your kid while you are at work. Some moms are able to find a day care they can trust and some are not able to trust any.

I remember, scrolling through google pages every day to find out, work form or stay at home job options for moms.

You may decide to continue your full time job or may take a decision to become a stay at home mom. Both the decisions are correct and I feel you.

However, I realised that financial Independence is required to keep your head held high (I am not judging any one here).

It doesn’t matter if you have worked in past or not, what matters is your willingness to work.

You can earn well, if you are ready to learn what it takes to reach there

I have researched a few job categories that can help you earn as well as allow you to stay at home with your baby.

1.Yoga Trainer– You may have noticed how people have started becoming more inclined towards Yoga nowadays. If you browse through your neighborhood, you will find people who want to get trained in Yoga but are not able to go far due to lack of time or may be because they have a job. You may start yoga training classes at your home and earn decent.

How to get the Certification? There are free government yoga tutorials available in city. You might need to pay for the certification. I am providing you two links which might be helpful for you.

Centers for yoga:


2. Create your own E learning/ Online tutorials in your area of expertise– If you are someone who has worked in past then you can create your own tutorials for different skills like MS Office, knitting, singing, yoga or anything that you can teach.

How to create online courses? There are different platform like Coursera, Udemy, YouTube where you can become online teachers. All you have to do is search for the term ” How to create tutorials on Udemy / Coursera?” or How to upload video on you tube?” on google or YouTube and you will be flooded with free lessons.

How to create courses on Udemy?

3. Create videos on You Tube: You can create videos on YouTube, for anything that you know. I have seen videos on wide range of topics like knitting, stitching, gardening, cooking, singing, dancing and many more doing well. Record your video and upload.

How to create and upload video? It is an easy task and the best thing is the content matters more than anything else. If your content is original, you can earn well.


4. Start Home tutorials: The classic and the best way to earn while you are staying at home is giving tutions. There is no family who doesn’t need tutors but like other field, this also needs you to brush up your skills. Refresh yourself and do your homework before you get in this business started

How to get started? There are different consultants who can help you getting tutions but to start a coaching at home, try promoting by getting a board done. Try distributing pamphlet to nearby shops, grocery stores etc.

5. You can sell online: If you are creative, you like painting, handicraft, make dresses, you can sell them online too. Companies like amazon, Paytm etc. can sell your products. All you have to do is become a Merchant and get registered with them

How to start? It’s normally a simple process and you can get yourself registered with them easily. Here is a tutorial that can help you.


Which your favourite idea amongst these?

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Are you returning to work after maternity leave? What to expect and the solutions!

You would not even realise when the time with your Lo fly away and it’s time to get back to your job.

Its not easy to take a decision, all you have to do is understand what would make you happy.

There is no right or wrong decision. You may quit anytime if it doesn’t work for you , you may restart any time if you are not really enjoying SAHM life

Be prepared for challenges when you get back to work.

A lot of things may change by the time you are back. Right from strategies to manager to behavior of your collegues.

It can be really overwhelming, you might feel left out or may even feel discriminated.

All you have to do is hold your ground.

Once you make up your mind, get prepared with a positive and open mindset as you may notice certain changes when you, get back to work.

Skill up– Ensure you keep yourself updated with going trend, if you get some time during your maternity leave, go for learning a new skill online. I started my leave little earlier and I used it in learning few skills which could upgrade my knowledge. This would clear up your intentions and attitude towards work.

Face it like a beginner: 6 months of maternity leave, is a long duration, you may notice changes in the work methods, software or policies. All you need to do is maintain your calm and observe and learn like a beginner. Ask for refresher sessions and shadow collegues to gain a clear concept.

Set the right expectations: It’s the time when you should be focusing more on your baby.  Discuss on work from home options, flexible timings, longer breaks or more leaves before joining back. Most of the organizations are supportive enough but you need to ask for what you need.

Try living in moments: Be completely focused at work and limit your baby related discussions at work. Likewise don’t take your work to home. Say No if someone expects you to work after office hours or on weekends. I am a mother and I totally understand that it is difficult but you can master the art with practice.

Don’t compete with people who are stretching hours at work: Remember your real talent is not in staying back at work but adding a real value. Give 100 percent at work and don’t try to be part of the rat race. Put in efforts wisely and don’t do anything that doesn’t add value.

Take initiatives: Make suggestions give ideas and feedback that can improve the process. Try taking initiatives. You do not need to wait for a work but you can come up with things which helps the team and the organisation grow.This is the right time to bring in the experience you had at work and implement for good.

Don’t feel Guilty:   Don’t feel guilty for taking a day off or leaving early, don’t feel bad to leave the bay with someone else in short it is alright to prioritise your personal life more than your work right now.It is going to be all balanced with time. Try planning out day offs in advance, take help form family and it will all be fine.

Teach your colleagues to take you seriously: It’s a very common behaviour to ignore and underestimate the talent and attitude of a women returning to work. If any ones’ behaviour or activity suggests you the same, talk it out. Do not judge your abilities and don’t let people judge you. Don’t take it personally,these things don’t define you.

Believe: Don’t self-doubt your success. You have given birth to a living miracle, anything you want in your life is achievable. Prepare yourself to grow and reach your goals. Speak out and carry your self with confidence.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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Let me know about your experiences at work after maternity leave, I would love to hear from you!

Believe and good things will happen to you!

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The Mystery Blogger Award.

Hello everyone, super excited to announce that I have been nominated by Amarjeet Sonia Madan of @ for the Mystery Blogger Award.

This is my first ever nominating award for the blogger award. I am very grateful and thank her, for finding my blogs worthy for this nomination. This has boosted my confidence at a great level.
Do check her blogs too as she is a wonderful blogger and has an inspiring blog.

How to be Happy?

Happiness is that feeling of contentment and completeness you feel when you see your child smile, it means the pride you feel when you handover your first salary to your parents, it means the joy you get when you see the love of your life, it means the satisfaction you get when you help someone who needs help.

In other words, Happiness can be different feelings for different people in different moments.

Here are few things we can do stay happy in our day to day life.

P.S this is my personal view on “How to be Happy?”

Tell yourself a positive story: So I have this ritual to ask myself this question whenever I feel low. If someone misbehaves or things get stressful at work or in relationship, I ask myself to understand the real reason behind this and most of the times I come up with a genuine reason behind a rude behavior or a benefit behind a stressful day at work

Do something you love: It’s the best way to rediscover yourself. I cannot even explain you, how you evolve as a person when you start focusing on your hobby or anything you love. Start taking small steps towards your dreams. If you love singing, start learning through YouTube, sing on different singing apps like star maker, if you like dancing watch videos online and copy. If you like writing, start your own blog. This small step will make a huge difference in your happiness level.

Rise above small things: We all have a habit to get too much involved in small things and waste our energy there. Start avoiding any unnecessary drama, focus least on people who are making you angry or upset. Whenever something makes you sad, and ask yourself if it is worth your attention? For example a neighbor badmouthing you, any relative finding mistakes in you. Leave them where they are and find a better thing to focus on like your children, friends, and parents.

Work out: Our lifestyle doesn’t have any activity which can cause calorie burnout. We are a generation bound with screens and wires. Exercising and meditating is the only way out to release some endorphin. Work out the way you like, by dancing running or go for yoga but ensure that you work out .It  will not only make you fir but also make4 you feel better about yourself.

Love and respect yourself: Stop making people happy at cost of your self-respect. Stop demining, insulting and making fun of yourself in front of others .Take care of yourself. Encourage yourself when you fail, stand by yourself when people show hatred, groom yourself, dress well and look great. Self-care, meditation and reading are great ways of boosting yourself love.

These are non-negotiables of my life. I have seen great change in my life after I started practicing these.

Let me know, what is your definition or rituals for happiness?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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