Stranger in your own house

One day I got up in my own house, my own house full of strangers.

Strangers, I knew so well.

They looked into my face and told me I don’t belong.

I remember clearly, it was my House, my home all night long.

They told me I don’t speak their language, hence I was wrong.

I thought I knew the language well, I learned it with my whole heart.

But , if that is how it is, in think you are right.

I definitely don’t belong.

You are not my people, for my people would listen to my song.

They may not know the language but they would still play along.

5 things successful women invest time and money in

I have always enjoyed giving gifts, shopping and spending money on things I considered important.

But when I started studying life of great women, who have been where I want to be, I realized how much have neglected the important aspects of life.

We all plan parties, vacations, trips, careers but we forget what really matters the most that is “us”

These are few things successful women invest their time and money in:

Health and fitness:

They know that a healthy body is very important to be successful. They invest time and money in exercising, meditating and keeping themselves fit. They all have at least one way to maintain their physical and mental health.


They live their life with intention. They know what steps can take them near their goals. They have important to do list for days to day. They know what their goals are and what steps they need to take to reach there.


They know that family is important. They work on their relationships. They priorities family time and make sure they give equal attention to all their relationships. They can easily balance between career and personal life

Dressing for who they want to be:

They know the importance of dressing for success. They dress their role. This makes them confidant and ready for any situation to come.

Learning and reading:

They know the importance of learning and reading. They work to upgrade their skills. They always have a list of to read books. They know that books are the best teachers.

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Letter to a SHAM, standing on the edge of depression

Dear SAHM,

You might not even get time or energy to read this one, but I am writing with a belief that the message will reach you.

So, you who was used to crunch numbers at work, received accolades and certificates which said you were a star is suddenly cleaning the sticky surfaces, folding, cooking, feeding and repeating. You are working as hard, you are still a star but this time you have no certificates to prove the same.

You who decided to leave a highly paid job to take care of that tiny human, also unwillingly left adult companionship. Now all you have got to talk to are little human under 4 feet believing that shin Chan lives down the lane.

I know you are expected to keep your house clean, clothes folded and kids disciplined as everyone claims that you have whole time of the world. Don’t worry as they have no idea how you got up early without having a complete sleep and has been running around the house like crazy.

I know with the joy of spending that long hours of the day alone you get a deep low, a feeling of emptiness and you see your beautiful clothes lying around but no place to go to.

You feel sad for no reason, you get annoyed and at times spill the anger at your hubby for no reason and before you could control it’s all out there. I know you feel at the verge of break down and end up worrying if you are dpressed?

A research shows that about 28% of SAHM goes through these feeling, which is called depression.

Kids are wonderful but at times, when we don’t get enough of social companionship or people to talk to, it can lead to high sense of sadness and even depression.

I know your old friends are no longer in touch and new ones you made have nothing in common except for that fact that you are both SAHM.

These are relatively new people, you can’t share all your secrets with as you will be judged.

I know you had enough of self-love, self-care advices and positivity lecture but I also know that it is not enough. I know there is no switch on and off button for depression.

But all I want to say is, if you are really determined SAHM, you will find your way out. Find a real hobby, like I chose to write in my stay at home days.

Take some real help form a doctor. Work out, join anything you love.

Remember the tough project at work , which you handled well? The tough job , you stuck to it and got the promotion? There have been so many times when you felt like giving up but you didn’t.

All you have to be that same tough girl. Just because being a SHAM is tough doesn’t mean you will give up or give in to it.

All you need to come out of it is little help. Do what’s best for you, see a doctor, talk to some one or work on your self. Go out,dress up, work out and every time depression comes near by , know that it is temporary.

You need to know that we are all in the same boat. You are not alone.

This doesn’t make you a bad mom or wife. You are good , in fact you are the best!

And like any other time, you will win.

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Letter to a working mom of a new born

Dear mom,

Can you please stop running around the house like a spinning ball and sit for a while? I know you are drooling over a to do list ,as it is a Sunday and you have to use your super powers to finish the chores and play with your baby.Can we please have a chat over a nice hot cup of coffee? Yes, you heard it right coffee which is hot.

 I know that you are upset as you are not able to spend enough of time with your baby. I know you feel sad to miss her first step. I know your heart stings with pain when you hand over your baby to someone else, I know it hearts you are scared that she will love someone else more than you. I know it hurts but it’s all right.

It feels terrible when you lie going to work leaving your baby or when you want to come back to your baby leaving work. I know it was painful when you had to go to work when your baby was not well, I know you felt bad when you had to leave a meeting to reach your baby, as she needed you.

I know you cried in the bathroom when you heard your coworker saying, you don’t focus enough.

But don’t worry I hear you, I have been and I am at the same place and I know all your situations and concerns are genuine.

But this doesn’t make you a bad mom.  You are not a bad mom just because you have choose to work neither a bad professional because you are a mom.

Your baby has chosen you with all your dreams and ambition and that is why, you must keep your dreams.

Even if your job is not your dream, I appreciate that you are pushing yourself everyday as you want to create a more comfortable environment for your baby so that she can live the life other dreams. You working her life better and trust me she understands.

You are balancing everything so well, it may feel like falling off but it won’t .You got this.

So, now just smile, leave the pile of clothes where they are, let the room be dirty, just go and hug you little one. Spend as much time as you can. Make your baby your priority.

With love,

Another working mom.

I hope you could relate to the message. What challenges do you face as a working mother?

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Stop doing these things if you want people to respect you:

You can’t force people to respect you, but you can refuse to tolerate their dis respect.

We all deserve respect and the best way to command respect is to treat ourselves well.

How we treat ourselves, sets the bar of how we deserve to be treated.

Do these things to ensure that people respect you:

  • Stop eating after everyone else: I have seen my mother eating after everybody else. She did all of this out of love. But this is not how it is being accepted by everyone. If you keep sacrificing, you set expectations with your own family members that you are OK to eat whatever is left, you are OK to eat cold, and you are OK to eat alone. Give yourself the due respect, love and nourishment it needs. Pull up one plate for yourself while everyone eats. Sit and eat together and see the difference.
  • Stop asking if you did the job right? : You do not need to wait for someone’s verdict to decide if you did your job right. If the slat was less or food didn’t taste great, it is alright. If someone appreciates your efforts that is great but if they don’t it’s not your responsibility to get everything perfect every day.
  • Stop feeling bad for taking care of yourself: Don’t think too much while buying a dress. Don’t think too much while treating yourself with a spa. It is your right, you deserve all the good things of the world. Stop feeling bad if you went out with your friends. You deserve to live as well.
  • Stop waiting for someone to take you out:  Don’t stop going out, watching a movie or eating out as your partner doesn’t enjoy doing the same or is too busy to take you out. Step out and make your own way to things you love doing. You can enjoy doing each and everything alone.
  • Stop judging other women: We have this tendency of talking about how a women is other women’s enemy, change the perspective. Stop demeaning other women, making fun of them. Get inspired by successful women around, it’s much more fun to walk united.

Remember “Empowered Women, empower women”

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