Love yourself!

I just heard a girl sitting beside me talking about how bad her hair look, how beautiful her sisters are and how she doubts if she even belongs to her family as others look so good.

Everyone laughed,made funny comments .The purpose of the funny rant was over but did that girl look happy? Not really!

It is not only her who would rant or complain about themselves and name it humor. I have been the culprit of same so many times

There have been so many times when I made fun of my post pregnancy body.Good or not,in shape or out of shop, pretty or average are we really supposed to talk so off about ourselves?

This  conversation that I am holding with you is more of my conversation with myself.As I write this, I have made up my mind to never ever make fun of myself for the sake of being funny

It is not even our fault. 

How many times do we discuss about Self love at home? With our Kids?

Self love counts not only when talking about our bodies but when we accept the kind of behavior we should not.It counts when we stay quiet at the remarks people make.The  influenced decisions we take.

The dresses we don’t love but we wear because others want us to.It counts when someone shouts ,smirks or disrespects you.It counts when you  talk to yourself.Can you not be a little more wiser and just support yourself everywhere , when “You needs You

Just stand by! Don’t ask yourself to step back at times,don’t ask yourself to compromise all the time.Don’t always force  sorry when it was not your fault.Do not just try fixing things when you there’s no point.

All I want to say is just be You , comfortable, confidently you!

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