Letter to the understated parent in the parenting: the daddy cool

Dear Daddy cool,

I hear you. I know I have been ranting continuously about my challenges about giving birth, taking care of the toddler and the long sleepless nights, but I know you have through all this with me.

I see you every morning, waking up with puffy eyes yet a smile on your face. You were awake all night along with the baby, so I could rest for my back. I know I didn’t thank you enough but I am glad my daughter got a super doting daddy like you.

 I know the only reason you shifted near my office so that me and our daughter could spend more time together. I want to thanks you for travelling across two cities every day to let me and my daughter be together for longer.

I know you love us more than anything else in the world, at least your eyes proved the same when I was in pain. I can see how focused and responsible you have become after becoming a dad.

You don’t even let us realize how tired you are every evening.  I know you are working hard to make our life comfortable and we are so proud of you.

 I love watching you when you make her sleep, humming lullabies.

The other day in the restaurant, you waited with baby in your arms, so that I can eat at peace. I could see surprised eyes looking at us. I know I have never told you enough but you really are the daddy cool.

You help me hold it all together. I know I keep bragging, how well I am juggling my life, what I never told you how you are real force which helps me keep it all together.

So today, I want to thank you for all the nights you were awake with us, all the days where you were smiling even after all the chaos.

Thank you for being there as the pillar of strength in our lives.

P.S please postpone your all boys’ party next weekend and take us out (wink wink)

We love you!!

A big shout out to all the cool dads out there!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. What is you favourite daddy baby moment? I would love to hear from you!

Believe and good things will happen to you!

Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu!

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