Letter to a SHAM, standing on the edge of depression

Dear SAHM,

You might not even get time or energy to read this one, but I am writing with a belief that the message will reach you.

So, you who was used to crunch numbers at work, received accolades and certificates which said you were a star is suddenly cleaning the sticky surfaces, folding, cooking, feeding and repeating. You are working as hard, you are still a star but this time you have no certificates to prove the same.

You who decided to leave a highly paid job to take care of that tiny human, also unwillingly left adult companionship. Now all you have got to talk to are little human under 4 feet believing that shin Chan lives down the lane.

I know you are expected to keep your house clean, clothes folded and kids disciplined as everyone claims that you have whole time of the world. Don’t worry as they have no idea how you got up early without having a complete sleep and has been running around the house like crazy.

I know with the joy of spending that long hours of the day alone you get a deep low, a feeling of emptiness and you see your beautiful clothes lying around but no place to go to.

You feel sad for no reason, you get annoyed and at times spill the anger at your hubby for no reason and before you could control it’s all out there. I know you feel at the verge of break down and end up worrying if you are dpressed?

A research shows that about 28% of SAHM goes through these feeling, which is called depression.

Kids are wonderful but at times, when we don’t get enough of social companionship or people to talk to, it can lead to high sense of sadness and even depression.

I know your old friends are no longer in touch and new ones you made have nothing in common except for that fact that you are both SAHM.

These are relatively new people, you can’t share all your secrets with as you will be judged.

I know you had enough of self-love, self-care advices and positivity lecture but I also know that it is not enough. I know there is no switch on and off button for depression.

But all I want to say is, if you are really determined SAHM, you will find your way out. Find a real hobby, like I chose to write in my stay at home days.

Take some real help form a doctor. Work out, join anything you love.

Remember the tough project at work , which you handled well? The tough job , you stuck to it and got the promotion? There have been so many times when you felt like giving up but you didn’t.

All you have to be that same tough girl. Just because being a SHAM is tough doesn’t mean you will give up or give in to it.

All you need to come out of it is little help. Do what’s best for you, see a doctor, talk to some one or work on your self. Go out,dress up, work out and every time depression comes near by , know that it is temporary.

You need to know that we are all in the same boat. You are not alone.

This doesn’t make you a bad mom or wife. You are good , in fact you are the best!

And like any other time, you will win.

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Believe and good things will happen to you!

Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu!

2 thoughts on “Letter to a SHAM, standing on the edge of depression”

  1. Well written post. As a SAHM we often get tensed and sometimes feel negativity around us but it is up to us how we overcome this. Apart from a homemaker and a mom we are ‘we’ and for our own identity and betterment, we have to believe in ourselves.

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