How to slow down in life ?|Why is it important to slow down?

I already feel some relief as I make up my mind to slow down in life. If you take out a moment and reflect on what all you have done through out the day, you would realise how unnecessarily seeded up our lives are!

This speed causes a lot of stress and anxiety. Speeding up not necessarily means increasing your productivity but a lot of misses, confusion and chaos.We get up in the morning,skip our breakfast , forget to smile at our dear ones and end up in our offices to finish our work. If you think logically, that is not what we are living for.

All I want to say is, we are here to ” Live” and it means , pausing to feel , enjoy and cherish what really matters!

These are things I do to slow down :

  • So this weekend, don’t make a plan to party, to eat out,to meet some not so important people but stay at home and spend some time with yourself, &your family .
  • Let the morning sink in slowly, wake up on a happy note with your loved ones.Cherish your favourite breakfast to kick start a beautiful day.
  • Soak in some Sunlight.It has something that boosts your mood and your health.
  • Go out for a walk in morning or evening. Hear the sounds of nature, chirping of birds and not the alerts of your phone.
  • No social  media for a day. I know it’s not practical to leave social network sites but you can definitely take a break for a day or two.
  • Make it a rule to disconnect from work and tune in with your family once you are in.
  • Stop binge watching and cherish the beauty and taste of food on your plate.Don’t be in a hurry to share the pic on social media.
  • Observe your surroundings, notice what is around.
  • Take out time to know people around you and talk to them

I have made it a point to follow these rules and help my self to unwind from the day to day stress and anxiety.

What are your rituals to slow down and unwind? 

I hope you found this article helpful. Let me know about few of your rituals.

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Believe and good things will happen to you!

Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu!

8 thoughts on “How to slow down in life ?|Why is it important to slow down?”

  1. So true, in today’s busy life we are always in a hurry to accomplish our daily tasks but never bother to enjoy our life or cherish what we have in life. My weekends are also free from social media however I do take some time out for reading books.😊

  2. I sit near my window and let the natural light in my bedroom, grab a book and a cup of green tea and just enjoy my own company 😇

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