How to manifest a life you want?

Everyone who is reading this blog has manifested this for themselves. Since you are here I am pretty sure you are aware of “ The Law of Attraction”. In case you are not let me tell you about my understanding about it as a student of the Law of Attraction.

It is an art of creating or manifesting a life you want by practising affirmations and a positive mindset. Law of attraction say that Like attract Like. It means whatever the energy of your thoughts is right now, you will be manifesting more of it.

For example, if you are feeling happy, content and grateful you will attract more reasons to be so. Anything and everything can be achieved if you keep a check on your thoughts, keep your energy and your vibrations high.

These are the simple steps that you can follow to manifest the life of your dreams:

Make a note of everything you want to achieve:

You can start by making a note of everything that you want in life at this pint of time. You can draw it, you can create a vision board with pictures or even write about it.

Affirmations & Belive:

Now start righting or speaking about your dreams in resent form. In a way as if you have already achieved it. For example, if I want to be able to earn a sum 20 lakhs Rs by the end of this month. I would say or right “Thank you god for my savings of 20 lakhs Rs that I could use to buy a flat for my parents”.  Try feeling the happiness you will get when you achieve your dreams. Think of how and how ill you live your life then. Ensure your affirmations always positive.

Ask & Let it go:

Remember no matter how big or small thing you are asking for, it is all the same for the universe. Never be worried about the size of your dream. Think f this Universe as a catalogue, just order what you like and believe that you will get it. Never obsess over these desires. Once you have written about them, Let it go. Do not think about it just continue with life and do not try to judge how and when this will happen.

Take Action:

Law of attraction will work but that means you got to work as well. Do your best work, continue working hard, Create, paint, travel and do what you love doing. Taking action is extremely important to make all your dreams come true. Nothing will work unless you do.

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