How to make a relationship work?|| 10 tips that works

Express your real feelings: Most of us are not good at sharing our feelings openly. We are scared of judgments our outcomes .Sometimes we feel that keeping something to ourself will serve our relationship better.But remember that staying happy in a relationship is all about how you feel . When I say opening up about your feelings it means sharing both the good and the not so good feelings.If you are feeling alone,ignored ,special, loved or dominated .Share it before the relationship takes a sour turn.

Accept and respect each other’s personal space: In the beginning of every relationship you  do not like being seperated.You love the closeness.Giving each other space and privacy doesn’t feel important.But as you grow in a relationship, too much interference or closeness can be an unpleasant experience.Allow each other some space.You must have a defined zone,some friends and few things that “YOU” like doing and vice versa

Share and sort out your finances: Initial days of marriage, it may not be an issue but later if the burden is one any one of you,then it can be a  big issue.Ensure that you sit and discuss how you would like to spend the money. Discuss about savings and investments together.

Do not forget to have fun together: Relationships over time get so monotonous and serious over time because we stop celebration,enjoying and having fun together. There is no need to become so serious.Party, enjoy,date and let the fun part of your relationship always be alive

Travel together: The more you can travel together the better for your relationship. Remember the good honeymoon  days? They were amazing as your were both away from regular life hustle in some beautiful place relaxing and enjoying. You can do it all over again.All you need is to take some time off and go away to a beautiful place.

Agree to disagree: You both are not the same ,not even similar and that is absolutely alright,Why do you even want to change them? Let them be who they are. You loved them for who they are ,you can not force a person to become you! Did you hear how ridiculous it sounds when you ask them to change?It is ok to disagree and have independent point of views.A good relationship requires to have two people to agree to disagree and accept each other’s point of view.

Keep cuddling: How amazing are the initial days of your relationship when you could not take you hands off each other? The fact is it would and it can not remain the same.As the relationship gets older ,the craziness will decrease but it doesn’t mean that love is gone. The life gets busy and the responsibility increases, thre night will be tiring and you may not have eneough zeal or passion for sex. But one thing that can stay constant of Cuddles kisses and hugs. Do not stop the cuddling each other not matter what. Touch of love is love is extremely important,remember this is also a habit, it would gradually reduce.

Plan like a team: Nothing in life can be successful without a plan.Get in a habit of planning things right form your career goals, to vacation please to financial goals.It is not always important to plan only big thing ,you can just plan a date night in the evening. Planning out such things Having a common goal to achieve not only gives you a common area to talk about but makes you a team who wins together.

Talk: Lack of communication is the worst enemy of any relationship.Taking is important.Later years of relationships when you have kids and other responsibility, you may get very less time to talk,but it is important to take out at least 30mminutes everyday to connect and talk. You can talk about anything and everything.Avoid getting over phone and forgetting your spouse.Close off everything else when you are with them

Love them their way: Every individual has different perception of love. They feel loved with different actions.Some identify, romantic date nights, some love getting surprises,for some it may be long meaningful talks or  amd for some it would e a vacation on a a beach.All I want to say is your partner deserves to be loved the way they want to be loved.

Know what they want and di it.You woulduld defimity notice the change

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