How To Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home This New Year ?|9 Easy Ways To Create Good Vibes In Your Home!

Who doesn’t love their house? It’s a place you make most beautiful memories of your life.

Your home is a place which welcomes you back after a long day, shines and smile on your special day and holds you tight in not so good days. It’s home, we all want to go back to after a tough, tiring day in the word.

Sometime with passage of time, the same house starts feeling not so special and if that is the case with your house as well, it’s time for some change.

What better time than New Year to refresh our homes?

I have tried these things to fill my house with positive energy in 2019.

I have personally tried and discovered a few easy steps to increase the energy of our house for 2019:

Cleanse the air of your house:  Open the windows, you have kept closed for a while and let the fresh air come in. If you stay in a polluted area, an air freshener can bring in some fresh air. Lighting up a Himalayan salt lamp can create positivity around you as well. You can use other crystals as well at home.

De Clutter and clean your surrounding: If you been feeling very low, confused or irritated the reason can be that your surrounding is cluttered and dirty. If that is the case, invest some time in cleaning your house. Remove things that you are not using. Remove things which gives you a bad vibe: Any painting, gift or clothes which make feel bad or negative or sad, just remove them.

Decorate a bit: Put up an art piece: Put something that increases the vibration of your house, it can be any painting, any Fengshui piece or anything that makes you feel happy. You can make little adjustment to your furniture’s or add a few plants indoor. You can even change the curtains or throw a fresh sheet.

Let your house smell good: You will agree that there is something amazing about a fresh smelling house. Good smell brings in a feeling of happiness and well being. Ensure your house smell fresh .You can use scented candles or even keep fresh flowers in your room. You can even use incense sticks or aroma candles.

Let there be light: Let some sunlight enter your room. Proper sunlight kills germs and reduces the chances of you getting sick.  It enriches you with vitamin D, it also reduces high BP. Sunlight increases your serotonin level which boosts your mood and makes you happier. Lite some candles ,have some beautiful lights, it will create ambience and set a very comfortable and happy tone.

Add soft materials: This is something I read on a blog which talked about a science like fengshui, it  called Chi. It says that any tough or sharp edges on your furniture signifies the toughness of life and reflects it to your relationships or home. Add soft textured things to your furniture and decor like soft throws, non- sharp furniture. Use decor items with soft finish and feel.

Play music: We have been listening to this a lot but I have always under estimate the power of music. Make it a ritual to have some music on, in the background and work. Start your day with some music or wind down with light music. Music will release your stress and will calm your nerves.

Add colours: Bring some colours to your surroundings. Colours will not only make your house look beautiful and bright but also create happiness around. Try having at least one bright coloured wall and see the magic. Add some beautiful curtains, cushions or throws around. You can get some bright yellow coloured flowers or a painting representing your taste.

So , what are your plans to re energise your home? I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please show some love to my article by leaving a comment ,liking and sharing it.

Believe and good things will happen to you!

Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu!


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