How to be Happy?

Happiness is that feeling of contentment and completeness you feel when you see your child smile, it means the pride you feel when you handover your first salary to your parents, it means the joy you get when you see the love of your life, it means the satisfaction you get when you help someone who needs help.

In other words, Happiness can be different feelings for different people in different moments.

Here are few things we can do stay happy in our day to day life.

P.S this is my personal view on “How to be Happy?”

Tell yourself a positive story: So I have this ritual to ask myself this question whenever I feel low. If someone misbehaves or things get stressful at work or in relationship, I ask myself to understand the real reason behind this and most of the times I come up with a genuine reason behind a rude behavior or a benefit behind a stressful day at work

Do something you love: It’s the best way to rediscover yourself. I cannot even explain you, how you evolve as a person when you start focusing on your hobby or anything you love. Start taking small steps towards your dreams. If you love singing, start learning through YouTube, sing on different singing apps like star maker, if you like dancing watch videos online and copy. If you like writing, start your own blog. This small step will make a huge difference in your happiness level.

Rise above small things: We all have a habit to get too much involved in small things and waste our energy there. Start avoiding any unnecessary drama, focus least on people who are making you angry or upset. Whenever something makes you sad, and ask yourself if it is worth your attention? For example a neighbor badmouthing you, any relative finding mistakes in you. Leave them where they are and find a better thing to focus on like your children, friends, and parents.

Work out: Our lifestyle doesn’t have any activity which can cause calorie burnout. We are a generation bound with screens and wires. Exercising and meditating is the only way out to release some endorphin. Work out the way you like, by dancing running or go for yoga but ensure that you work out .It  will not only make you fir but also make4 you feel better about yourself.

Love and respect yourself: Stop making people happy at cost of your self-respect. Stop demining, insulting and making fun of yourself in front of others .Take care of yourself. Encourage yourself when you fail, stand by yourself when people show hatred, groom yourself, dress well and look great. Self-care, meditation and reading are great ways of boosting yourself love.

These are non-negotiables of my life. I have seen great change in my life after I started practicing these.

Let me know, what is your definition or rituals for happiness?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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Believe and good things will happen to you!

Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu!

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