Becoming a mom makes you better at mom:

My baby came to my life and made the life beautiful. This is an amazing feeling to be around your little one. Becoming a mother is a life changing experience. It affects you in ways, you could never think about. Apart from the hectic and tedious life around diapers, cleaning and feeding, there were other things which were changing too.

It did not happen all of a sudden but gradually one day at a time, mother hood made me a stronger human being, a better leader and excellent decision maker.

Most of the women have to prove themselves again after coming back from maternity leaves, we have to face motherhood penalty, in form of no promotion, less hike and behavior differences.

Doubting your intention to come back to work to doubting your capability to work after becoming a mother. Becoming a mom, gives a right to almost strangers to ask you questions like, how and why you are leaving your baby for work and how selfish were you to get back to work.

The widely help assumption eventually becomes a firm belief that you will not be able to focus on your work.

According to Dr Pilyoung, associate professor of psychology at the University of Denver says that the brains of women grow after having children. They noticed structural growth in several brain regions, like midbrain region, which plays an important role in developing ‘maternal instinct,’ and the prefrontal cortex region, which is involved in decision making, learning, and regulating our feeling and thoughts, over the first three to four months of motherhood.”

Amy Henderson of Tend lab performed research on this exact topic she noticed that the majority of the mothers were performing better in their careers because of their kids, not in spite of them.

Becoming a mom, is a miracle and that make us a magician.

Slowly and steadily we grow with our baby our brain grows along:

These are the ways you grow after becoming a mom

You become a better leader: Moms do make great leaders as you learn the importance of care and personalization like you do with your kids. Motherhood teaches us to let go off anything that is uncontrollable. It becomes our habit to know our priorities and take tough decisions. It teaches us involvement and helping other learn. It makes us patients and trains us to believe and not give up on people easily.

You become resilient: We become resilient as we become moms. We have a capability of handling number of sleepless nights with equally productive days. We are capable of balancing our act when we have demanding guests at home, naughty toddlers and a demanding project at work. We gain confidence to fix things, no matter how difficult it gets

You become solution oriented: As a mom of kids who tell you about their project at the last minute, to a toddler who spoils the party dress at the last minute, you become solution oriented. We learn to find a solution for every issue. That inculcates in us an approach to focus on solution for every problem. You always have a plan B ready to tackle the issue.

We master the art of prioritizing: I thought, becoming a mom will make my life complicated and I may get overwhelmed. But in reality, I came to realize what is important and what is not. I have understood as a mother that, my to do list is never ending, so I have to pick the top tasks every day and perform. The same theory works for work as well. I have become better at setting boundaries at work or home. I

We learn decision making: We have to take small to big decisions every day in life. We have to decide what is healthy for our toddlers, we have to find a good school, we decide what dresses they will wear. We become a better decision maker as you learn the art of researching and taking risk. We get confidant with our decision making powers with our practice at home.

Dear moms, know that you are doing a commendable job. You have no limits. Don’t believe if any one tries to tell you otherwise. You must have high ambition as you can become anything and everything you want at any point in your life. All you need is one person to have faith in you and that person is you.

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