Be little more happier: 6 things happier women do differently

I looked at my phone and kept looking at the beautiful photographs of my social media family, I smiled looking at their beautiful vacation photographs, I envied a bit at their amazing stylish dresses, I was amazed to see their impeccable houses.  By the time I was done checking out all the profiles, I was already low on energy, thinking how happy everyone else was.

Not that I haven’t read tons of articles on how we must not be affected by social media lime light and how It’s just everyone’s best side out there.

Still, it made me feel little bitter.

I was interrupted by my Lo pulling my hand to play with her .I switched off my phone and decided to spend the rest of the day connected to people rather than pictures.

It was hardly 10 minutes when I realized, ow happy my life is. My house might be messy, my dresses might not be perfect but my life is beautiful.

Point I am trying to make is, the way pour life have turned, it is impossible to stay unaffected by stress, we may feel low and sad at time, but all we need to do is get back on our feet every time we feel like giving up.

These are 6 favorite ways to cope up with stress and low self-esteem on difficult days:

  1. Know what you really value in life: You must know
  2. Choose your thought and responses wisely
  3. Keep a good Company
  4. Spend time with your people
  5. Have a passion
  6. Practice Self love����

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