Art of living with or around Toxic people and still winning!

We all face difficult people in our life.Some are people we can easily cut out of our lives and some are so close that we can not ignore them.

Having said that I am not at all encouraging people to stay in toxic relationships.

All I want to say is ,there will be situations where these people are so close that you can’t avoid them.They can be your bosses ,colleagues or some relatives. 

We all know the traits of such toxic people, but I have rarely read a way to manage these people in our lives.

I have learned a few things by reading and by experimenting in my life and I would like to share them with you

  1. Recognize that you are being manipulated ,hurt ,used or abused: It is not always any extreme behavior which shows a red signal.But any repetitive behavior of someone trying to put you down,making you feel like a loser is enough.You must always be aware
  2. Always standing out for yourself: You must always stand up for yourself.Do it loud. Tell them that you will not take anything against your respect.If you are too quiet , you allow them to disrespect you continuously.
  3. Give back: No matter what ever is your style.There is no perfect answer.There is no incorrect behavior. Do not lose your calm but, do tell them what they are doing is not right.
  4. Distance yourself: Even if you stay in the same house or work with the person,you can still create a distance. Separate your lunch hours.Avoid coming in contact,doesn’t not mean hide.Just be yourself and learn doing things on your own
  5. Do not give away your power: It is extremely important to stop feeling the way they want to make you feel.You do not have to be sad or discouraged as that’s exactly what they are aiming at. You do not need to take this person or anything said by him or her seriously
  6. Do everything you love: take out time for some hobby.Make good friends.Get involved in self development and your dreams

These are the  things which have really worked well for me.

Tell me how do you handle such people?

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