Are you returning to work after maternity leave? What to expect and the solutions!

You would not even realise when the time with your Lo fly away and it’s time to get back to your job.

Its not easy to take a decision, all you have to do is understand what would make you happy.

There is no right or wrong decision. You may quit anytime if it doesn’t work for you , you may restart any time if you are not really enjoying SAHM life

Be prepared for challenges when you get back to work.

A lot of things may change by the time you are back. Right from strategies to manager to behavior of your collegues.

It can be really overwhelming, you might feel left out or may even feel discriminated.

All you have to do is hold your ground.

Once you make up your mind, get prepared with a positive and open mindset as you may notice certain changes when you, get back to work.

Skill up– Ensure you keep yourself updated with going trend, if you get some time during your maternity leave, go for learning a new skill online. I started my leave little earlier and I used it in learning few skills which could upgrade my knowledge. This would clear up your intentions and attitude towards work.

Face it like a beginner: 6 months of maternity leave, is a long duration, you may notice changes in the work methods, software or policies. All you need to do is maintain your calm and observe and learn like a beginner. Ask for refresher sessions and shadow collegues to gain a clear concept.

Set the right expectations: It’s the time when you should be focusing more on your baby.  Discuss on work from home options, flexible timings, longer breaks or more leaves before joining back. Most of the organizations are supportive enough but you need to ask for what you need.

Try living in moments: Be completely focused at work and limit your baby related discussions at work. Likewise don’t take your work to home. Say No if someone expects you to work after office hours or on weekends. I am a mother and I totally understand that it is difficult but you can master the art with practice.

Don’t compete with people who are stretching hours at work: Remember your real talent is not in staying back at work but adding a real value. Give 100 percent at work and don’t try to be part of the rat race. Put in efforts wisely and don’t do anything that doesn’t add value.

Take initiatives: Make suggestions give ideas and feedback that can improve the process. Try taking initiatives. You do not need to wait for a work but you can come up with things which helps the team and the organisation grow.This is the right time to bring in the experience you had at work and implement for good.

Don’t feel Guilty:   Don’t feel guilty for taking a day off or leaving early, don’t feel bad to leave the bay with someone else in short it is alright to prioritise your personal life more than your work right now.It is going to be all balanced with time. Try planning out day offs in advance, take help form family and it will all be fine.

Teach your colleagues to take you seriously: It’s a very common behaviour to ignore and underestimate the talent and attitude of a women returning to work. If any ones’ behaviour or activity suggests you the same, talk it out. Do not judge your abilities and don’t let people judge you. Don’t take it personally,these things don’t define you.

Believe: Don’t self-doubt your success. You have given birth to a living miracle, anything you want in your life is achievable. Prepare yourself to grow and reach your goals. Speak out and carry your self with confidence.

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Believe and good things will happen to you!

Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu!

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