9 Things happier Women do differently :

Smile from your heart; nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is happy to be herself _Kubra Sait

Women are super sheroes disguised in saris ,suits or business formals , multi tasking and managing families along with their dreams. I know stress is obvious but happiness is a choice.

I have been through my own lows in life but what helped me through was my choice to be happy.

These are few things worked on and they helped me a lot :

Be Grateful : So I started focusing and being grateful for what I have than what I don’t. I have a habit of thanking my god every night before I sleep for my family, my job and my health. Writing down good things about your life everyday has a very positive effect on your state of mind.

Ignore the family drama: I agree that staying with family, specially a big one can be certainly challenging. Dealing with everyone’s expectations and still failing causes a lot of stress. So, I have realised that I can not and do not need to please everyone.I ignore un necessary drama. Try repeating ” Om Ignoraya Namah” and see the magic. LOL

Your life doesn’t revolve around your partner: I learned this with time that I do not need him around me all the time, I do not need to compete for his attention. So, focus on yourself , you need most of your attention.

Do Not shame other women: I am very particular about this one.Stop saying ” That a woman is another woman’s enemy” Stop envying, stop considering them a threat rather support each other . If have this feeling at centre of our relationships, life will be better.

Have a few people you can trust: We are human and it’s natural to have emotions.Try to have people who genuinely care about you.

Dress as you like:It’s extremely important to dress the way you want.You have got one life and dressing to please others is too much for that.

Work out: I am not a supporter of loose weight theory.You git workout to keep your mind and body fit.Simple walk or yoga will make you more confident and happy

Meditate: I never knew the benefits meditation can have unless I tried it.There is too much stress around.Giving yourself 10 minutes to meditate can be a game changer for you.

Take time for self Care: I know this one is repeated in every article you read but that doesn’t reduce it’s importance.Self care is one thing you can not ignore

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. What is your takeaway from this article?

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