27 Things working moms, mothers or women can negotiate apart from salary or when making a career comeback.

I remember the days when I was planning to get a new job. Being a mom is so demanding that you can not make decisions based on profile and salary only. There are so many things you need to consider like timings, nature of the job, Flexibility travel time and what not.

The current job situation India, does not allow us to make many choices or negotiate based on our requirements. But the job market is now changing and so are the things you can negotiate about. You must never let an opportunity to negotiate go away. 

The employer might not be happy to give you a salary hike but maybe they can give you a smaller number of working hours or facility to work from home.

This is an exhaustive list of 27 negotiable terms that you can consider as a new mother or a mom making a comeback in career after kids.

  1. Flex Time– One of the most important things that you can negotiate with your employers is Flexible working hours. If you have a young kid like me, you might prefer working early morning or late nights. If that is something your employer agrees on, it can make your life easier.
  2. Feeding or nursing time off: If you stay near your house and you have a young baby you can negotiate an hour of time off to meet and feed your baby.
  1. Vaccination or emergency day offs: When you are a new mom, visit to see a doctor for vaccination or other requirements are quite frequent. So you must ask for these day offs.
  2. Coverage for child care costs: A lot of organizations provide you the cost or creche or other child care costs.When ever you join an organisation you must ask for full or partial reimbursement for child care.
  3. Health insurance: These are the part of most of the organisations. You can negotiate the amount and people covered under it.Check the amount and what is the cover for your baby.
  4. Partial day offs: Negotiate for half days or less working hours till your kid is small. Most of the organisations agree to this negotiation. Never miss this opportunity.
  5. Maternity and Paternity Leave: You can even ask for extra Maternity leaves. There is ideally 6 months of maternity leave but you may ask your employer to extend it for you by another month or two.
  6. Promotions and Titles: If you have chosen to go for a job where the salary is not as per your expectations, you can negotiate your titles. You can ask for a promotion and position hike.
  7. vacation leaves. It is still unavailable in a lot of organisations. Remember you have the right to ask for vacation day offs and negotiate on it.
  8. Project Placement: You can request your company to agree for a placement in a certain city or country whenever the opportunity is available.
  9.  Signing bonus at time of hire: There are multiple organisations where you’re given joining bonus. So whenever you join a new organisation, do not forget to ask for a joining bonus.
  10. Guaranteed bonus at some point after you’re employed: You can negotiate a quarterly or yearly bonus. 
  11. Time off for important events: If you are expecting a certain big event like marriage or something important in near future. You can negotiate paid time off with the employer as well.
  12. Relocation and moving expenses: If you have moved from a city or location for your job, you have the right to ask for relocation allowance from the company.
  1. Stock options within the company: A lot of companies are offering stock options to employees. You must check for this too.
  2. Technological perks: If your work requires laptops and phones, you can ask your organisation to arrange for the same.
  3. How much paid time off you get: You can negotiate the number of PLs and CLs.
  4. Working hours: You can negotiate the number of hours of work.
  5. The ability to work from home: You can ask for work from option once in a week or as needed.
  6. Help to repay your students loans: You can ask for allowances in repaying your student loan.
  7. Higher education: If you have plans for higher education, you can get it sponsored or get a reimbursement.
  8. Assistance with your commuting costs: If your travel to work is costly you can ask for a commute allowance as well.
  9. Health and wellness benefits: You can negotiate for a gym subscription or regular health checkup packages.
  10. A Wardrobe Allowance: If your work requires a certain uniform or dress code this should be a part of your package too.
  11. Transportation Reimbursement: If you have to travel for work. Ensure you have a reimbursement or allowance for the same.
  12. Housing Subsidy/ car loan: There are different kinds of extra benefits like easy car loan and housing subsidy. you can check with your employer.
  13. Professional Development Courses-if You are taking up a course to improve your skills then you must ensure its either sponsored or reimbursed.

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