2019 New Year Resolution|How to successfully implement our new year resolution?



Every year gives us an opportunity to write a fresh chapter of our life.This is the time when we try to learn a new skill, start a healthy eating habit, start going to gym or start getting up early.Its almost everyone’s’ thing to buy a new notebook , make a long list of changes we want to bring in. keep it somewhere safe and never touch it again.

Its time  again and I am going to find out my favourite notebook and clean up the dust from it.

I know its little early to be announcing my new year resolution.This was required as I have made new year resolutions every year but failed being consistent with it.

So even before I started making a list I wanted to make a difference this year by finding the actual reasons I failed in implementing my goals every year.

I brain stormed and found a few reason due to which I wan not able to implement my new year goals.

Lets see what they are:

  1. I forgot what my goals were: The biggest reason I could not achieve my goals was I never remembered what they were.I would write them but never get back to them. This year my goals will be always in front of my eyes. I am going to display it on a place its visible to me.I will ensure I check it first thing in the morning every day. Something like a vision board will be great.
  2. There were too many to do’s on my list: I had too much on my plate.I made such a long list that got overwhelming for me.Its confusing to prioritise which one is important and which one is not.  Moreover, it’s a human tendency to give up if  thing to do looks so complicated.So this year I am going to keep my list very short.
  3. My yearly goals were not leading me to actual goals:Most of the things on my list were leading me nowhere.They were not aligned to my goals or who I wanted to be. It was not really helping me in achieving anything that could improve my life.So this year , I will first analyse my vision for life and then make a list which gets me closer to my ultimate goal.
  4. I was never emotionally invested in my list:  A lot of thing in the list were not important for me.I was not emotionally attached to them.If you do not feel for your goals , you will not feel bad in missing them. This year my list will have things which really matter to me.It will be something that I really want to achieve.
  5. I wanted it easily: I always assumed that  once I have created a list , I will start doing them all without any effort. I forgot, a change is never going to be easy. I have to be little tough on myself. So this year  I will just get up and do it. It’s important to be tough on yourself sometimes.This year,I will keep my goals realistic and be little tough on myself.

Hope this is the year of your dreams! Please show some love for my article by liking ,sharing and commenting on it. I would love to hear what your New Year Resolutions are and how you are planning to achieve them.

Believe and good things will happen to you!

Lokah Samastah sukhino bhavantu!

4 thoughts on “2019 New Year Resolution|How to successfully implement our new year resolution?”

  1. Hi,
    I agree with you.. it’s just like take a resolution and forget about it.
    These are very cool points to remember and successfully implement too.
    All the best.

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